About Us



Ray Hough Company is based near Pittsburgh, PA in the town of Muse.

Ray Hough Company specializes in serving the form needs of the banking industry. We help financial institutions increase profitability by reducing costs incurred to purchase, receive, warehouse, track, and distribute bank forms throughout branch networks. We also supply a state of the art web based or PC based purchasing management system, "The Purchasing Assistant". We serve more than 400 customers located throughout Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, Delaware, New York, Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia and the Washington D.C. area.

The company was founded by Ray Hough, Sr. in 1970. Initially, the Ray Hough Company only served the banking industry in Western Pennsylvania. We have experienced successful growth to our current scope of operations. Ray Hough, Jr. has lead our company since 1980. Greg Hough is Vice President Marketing and Sales.

We believe our continued success results from our strong commitment to:

  • Understanding your banking business operations in detail. We are experts at working to reduce your form costs.
  • Our strong commitment to superior customer service. We are the best at solving your forms related problems.
  • Competitive and consistent pricing you can trust. We call this "pricing integrity".
  • Our continuing record of providing other value added services. We help your bank reduce "soft dollar" operational costs.

We are proud that we have maintained and improved our level of customer service over the years as we have grown in size. We accomplished this by investing in the people and systems necessary to continue leading our competition. Each customer is assigned a specific Customer Service Representative. This person, working as a team with your Sales Representative, learns about your bank's needs and forms.

We are dedicated to your Improved Profitability by adhering to 3 basic (but important!) business forms principles:

  • Consulting with you to determine the lowest cost method of producing your forms, without sacrificing bank operation effectiveness.
  • Suggesting ways in which forms can be combined or eliminated to reduce your form costs.
  • Reducing the "soft dollar" costs associated with the purchasing, warehousing, tracking, and distributing of your forms.Reducing soft dollar costs has the largest impact to your bank's bottom line profitability.

Understanding Bank Operations to Better Serve You

We continuously research the following areas of bank operations to be ready with the proper form solutions, before the form problem becomes part of your business.

  • Banking Laws and Regulations - We work with your staff to make sure the language on your legal forms is what you need for regulatory compliance.
  • Banking Equipment - To insure our forms work efficiently and effectively with all types of computer and banking equipment.
  • Electronic Forms and Artwork - We continue to meet your form needs for use on your computer networks. We can easily support or supply the wide variety of electronic artwork file formats used on your network, or for printing your forms.

The Ray Hough Company was founded and has successfully grown on the principles of

  • Competitive and consistent pricing
  • Educating our customers and consulting with them to reduce form costs
  • Superior Customer Service
  • Always adding more value to what our customers receive from us in forms and service

Our reputation for supplying fast, low cost form solutions has allowed us to continue to grow, in contrast to most of the business form industry.

The owners and employees of Ray Hough Company employ the following values each day as we serve our customers. We realize these look nice in any marketing presentation - but what counts is that we live up to our promises every day we are open for business. We look forward to being tested as we work to earn your trust and your business.

  • Individual Responsibility and Accountability. Simply put, we deliver on the promises made to our customers.
  • Dedication to Excellence. There is no place for mediocrity and halfhearted efforts. We must always be focused on doing what is best for the customer.
  • Cooperation and Communication. Effective cooperation and communication with our customers. This allows us to effectively partner with our customers to best meet their needs. Many times, educating our customers about banking forms allows us to give the best levels of service and price. Additionally, cooperation and effective communication is essential for successful employment at Ray Hough Company. We can only serve our customers to the level of service we give to each other. We work as a team to meet our customers' needs. Effective cooperation is based on respect for the individual so we can build a successful team.
  • Ongoing Improvement. "The only thing that never changes is the fact that things always change." We always strive to improve the way we do business, to adapt effectively to our changing customer needs. Ignoring the need for ongoing improvement, such as, "How can we do this better or less expensively?" is a sure formula for business failure.
  • Integrity. Having personal integrity so our promises can be trusted and relied upon. All successful long-term companies attribute much of their success to this principle.